Consumer Litigation Law Center is really a lawyer made up of one of the best mortgage resolution teams within the nation. Our attorneys and legal staff have a minimum of Half a century of combined experience in property and law by having an impeccable track record. If you're burdened having a distressed mortgage, it is likely you are getting bombarded with marketing solicitations from a range of companies, all offering one service since the treatment for your mortgage crisis. These services are commonly mortgage loan modification, bankruptcy, litigation, and foreclosure delay services.

Unlike many of these companies, CLLC offers multiple solutions. We supply you with the personalized attention you deserve, as opposed to promoting a particular service or product.

Consumer Litigation Law Center offers personalized attention, concentrating on understanding your needs and your goals, ahead of providing legal, financial, and housing guidance. As opposed to promoting specific services or products, our dedication to you is...

First: CLLC offers a free initial Client interview, evaluation, and consultation. On this interview we guide you through a series of questions that concentrate on understanding your own personal hardship, your height of motivation, available options and solutions, and power to execute various strategies. We gain a knowledge of one's overall finances, debt and housing crisis, and discover what your goals are.

Second, our Attorneys and Real Estate Professionals are experienced and experienced to assist you understand all of your options and offer multiple solutions, specifically tailored for your situation and personal needs.

CLLC features a established track record of successfully helping our clients using their specific situation. We would like you to benefit from our success.

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Our services include, although not limited by:

Trustee Sale Delay

Lender Litigation

Loss Mitigation

Loan mod

Eviction Delay

Mortgage Securitization Audit